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About Texas Organizing Project PAC

Texas is a battleground state, and Texas Organizing Project (TOP) PAC’s aim in 2020 is to further push the state toward a progressive future that will deliver substantive change and shift more power into the hands of Black and Latino Texans.

The 2020 elections are critical opportunities to engage Texas’s rising electorate in voting, to elect progressive champions for our issues, and to build a base of leaders ready for co-governance and accountability post-election.


TOP PAC has a long history of running some of the largest grassroots get-out-the-vote field operations in the state, working over 10 election cycles. We have built relationships with Texas voters of color year-round through on-the-ground issue organizing, engaging people on the issues that matter most to them, and linking those issues to voting when election time comes around. It’s not just about presidential elections – we talk to voters in municipal, school district, special elections, county, and state races, too. We build relationships and trust in order to also build a culture of voting.

In 2018, we ran our largest program to date, reaching out to more than 900,000 voters in four counties (Harris, Dallas, Bexar, and Fort Bend) and turning out 465,405 voters, of which 270,474 were new midterm voters.

We have a proven formula for winning. By organizing year-round and constructing electoral programs tied to issues that matter to voters typically left out of politics, such as access to healthcare, affordable housing, quality public education, justice reform, and immigrants’ rights, we are growing roots in communities of color and replacing the transactional tactics of traditional politics. And in doing so, we are building an electorate that reflects the changing face of the state and these newly engaged voters are delivering tangible change for Texans.

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