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Endorsed Candidates

Rigorously screened by TOP members, these endorsed candidates have shown a commitment to centering the concerns and issues of Black and Latino communities, and will fight to deliver bold policy changes to improve our lives.

All Texans – regardless of our upbringing, income level, or what part of the state we call home – deserve passionate elected leaders who will protect our families and look out for our communities. While right-wing extremists in our state look to strip away even more of our rights, we are more than ready to fight back by helping elect true public servants up and down the ballot who know our worth and see the humanity in their fellow Texans. Everything from legal system reform to healthcare access to fair housing and voting rights is on the ballot this November. With big political battles ahead at the local, state, and national levels, we need capable fighters in our corner who will not just counter reactionary attacks on our democracy, but will pass transformative legislation that puts the basic needs of working Texans first.

Between now and Election Day, TOP and TOP PAC will be working to engage with more than 1 million Black voters in person, at their door, by mail and online.



State House

Harris County

Dallas County

Bexar County

Fort Bend County

Tarrant County

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