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Messaging & Best Practices for
GOTV and Vote-By-Mail
Know Our Worth:
Texas Race Class Narrative

Texas is home to the largest Black population in the country, with 3.9 million Black folks driving the culture, raising our children, and building the present and future of this state. It’s also home to the largest number of Black registered voters in the country, 2.1 million, with another 400,000 that are eligible to vote but not registered.

BlackTOP, a project of TOP PAC, is outreaching to ⅔  (1.4 million) of those eligible voters in the ten counties with the densest concentration of Black Texan voters:

By bringing these Black Texan voters into the conversation and making sure their voices are heard, we’ll deliver progressive wins up and down the ballot, maintain 2018 historic levels of Black participation at the ballot box, increase Black voter turnout in Collin, Denton, Jefferson and Bell counties, and more.

For more information, please contact Rojo

(817) 630-8094 - 


Supporters of Joe Biden cheer as they celebrate his victory in the 2020 presidential elect

Supporters of Joe Biden cheer as they celebrate his victory in the 2020 presidential election in Austin, Tex. (Sergio Flores / Getty Images)

This Is Why Texas Is the Next Georgia

The same factors that were critical to success in Georgia exist in Texas.

YOU can help us share TOP PAC’s BlackTOP message using the sample posts below. Please modify/personalize these posts to help spread the word and share our mission!



Topline Points:

  • BlackTOP will outreach to 1.4 million Black Texan voters, or ⅔ of registed Black Texan voters, in the 10 counties in Texas with the densest concentration of Black voters. 

  • The only path to progressive wins in Texas runs is through REAL engagement with Black communities. That’s how we deliver progressive policy wins up and down the ticket on issues like the expansion of health care, reforming our legal system, and protecting the right to vote & that’s what BlackTOP is here to do.

  • Texas has the highest number of Black voters in the country and it’s time for Black voices to be heard, both at the ballot box and in the halls of government.

Suggested Social Media Posts:

Please customize these posts to your organization so that Twitter won’t suppress duplicate postings.

  • BlackTOP was built on the premise that the future of Texas rests in organizing Black folks across the state and getting US to the polls. That’s why (ORGANIZATION NAME) is joining their mission to #ChangePowerBlack and win a #Texas4All in the midterms!

  • Who supports @OrganizeTexas in their mission of outreach to 1.4 MILLION Black Voters in Texas? We do! Check out their new website, full of resources on how YOU can get involved. #ChangePowerBlack

  • #ChangePowerBlack

Get the message? Sign up with to make it happen.

  • When Texas goes to the polls, we’ll see the power of Black voters to elect progressive change including expanded health care, reforming our legal system, and protecting the right to VOTE. Help @OrganizeTexas spread this message with a follow and a (RT/share) #ChangePowerBlack

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